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How To Play The Hand And Foot Card Game

I have wanted to play the card game Hand and Foot ever because of the reality a relatives part instructed it to me 15 years prior. Hand and Foot is equal to Canasta yet with a bunch of varieties in rules and game play. A player is managed two arrangements of cards: 1 ‘ Hand’ and 1 ‘Foot.’ The object of the game is to make merges of cards to type ‘Books,’ score as a few as likely, and play the majority of the cards in your Grasp and Foot sets as quickly as plausible.


Hand and Foot can be played with two-eight players (the game can be played in sets, however I will simply focus on the single player rules). You will need 1 complete deck of cards, which incorporates jokers, per player (include a more deck if there are three or significantly less players). All card decks are rearranged into a solitary Draw Heap. Every single game includes four rounds of play. In each and every cycle, a player is offers themselves two arrangements of cards: 13 cards for every set for two-four players, and 11 for every set for five-eight players.

At that point, they pass 1 set to one side and the subsequent two sets transform into their Hand and Foot. Un-managed cards are put in an Attract Heap the focal point of the table. The point is to dispose of cards from your Hand and after that from your Foot, by delivering Merges and Books. Cards are at first played in a Merge, which is a lot of 3 or significantly more cards of equivalent position put face up on the table. At the point when a Merge achieves seven cards, a Book is made. Focuses are scored from the Merges and Books played, and focuses are deducted when a Player does not play the majority of the cards in their Grasp and Foot sets.

There are two sorts of Merges:

1. A Red Merge has no Trump cards and may potentially transform into a Red Book. two. A Dark Merge has Trump cards and may conceivably transform into a Dark Book.

You can create Merges from any of the Positioned Cards: A, K, Q, J, 10, 9, eight, 7, six, five and four. Just 1 merge of each and every assortment of Positioned Card can be played in a round. At the end of the day, you can’t have two separate Merges or Books of 8s for example. 3s can’t be merged or shaped into Books as they speak to harming focuses. 2s and Jokers are Special cases and can be utilized in Merges, as reached out as there is in any event 1 significantly more Positioned Card than Wild Card(s). You can’t merge Trump cards alone. A base Dark Merge comprises of two Positioned Cards and 1 Trump card. Merges are spread out face up for totally everybody to see, finished Books are heaped up and the card set on driving demonstrates the assortment – a red card for a Red Book, a dark card for a Dark Book. Cards of equivalent position can be added to extensive Books even so Trump cards can’t be played on Red Books.


To start, each and every player gets their Hand. Over the span of each and every turn, a player need to pick up two cards from the Draw Heap and completion their transform by disposing of 1 card into a Dispose of Heap to be arranged consequent to the Draw Heap. Throughout a turn, a player can set down Merges and additionally Books on the off chance that they meet our surpass the Base Round Focuses. At the point when the majority of the cards in a player’s Hand is either played or disposed of, they would then be able to pick up their Foot and keep shaping merges. A player does not have any desire to dispose of a the completion of a turn in the event that they have played all cards in their Grasp (so, all in all they ‘Run’ to their Foot) or in the event that they play all cards in their Foot and Go Out. A player need at any rate 1 card in their Grasp at all examples except if they are going into their Foot and need to hold 1 card in their Foot at all occurrences except if they are Going Out. A Round finishes when 1 player ‘goes out’. So as to Go Out, you have to:

1. Have achieved your Foot and played it totally, AND two. Have at any rate 1 Red Book and 1 Dark Book. You would prefer essentially not to dispose of to Go Out.


You score focuses for cards you have merged and for each and every Book. On the off chance that you are not the player who goes out, you drop focuses for any cards left in your Grasp as well as Foot toward the completion of the play. Every single Round closures when 1 player goes out. Toward the completion of each and every Round, the purposes of each and every player are counted, and the point aggregate from every earlier Round are added all in all to type the absolute focuses. The player with the most noteworthy score toward the completion of each of the four Rounds wins. The best Hand and Foot players are these who can gather gigantic point aggregates and quickly go out to trap different players with cards in their grasp and hence abandons them with harming focuses.

You acquire two scores for every Round. A solitary for the books and the other for the joined face worth of every single other merge played on the table. At the point when your books have been checked then every one of the cards you played, which incorporates these in the books, are included at the card point worth. For example, seven 10s will consider the Red Book worth of 500 points as viably as 10 for each and every card for an aggregate of 570. This applies to the non-winning players as viably. On the off chance that you went poorly, and are gotten with cards in your Grasp as well as your Foot, these focuses represent a mark against you. On the off chance that you turned out poorly and you have books as well as merges on the table, these focuses include for you.

Minimum Round Points:

To start setting down cards into Merges, the point aggregate of cards played need to surpass the round least:

– Cycle 1, cards directs need toward aggregate at any rate 50 to play – Cycle two, cards guides need toward aggregate at any rate 90 to play – Cycle three, cards directs need toward aggregate in any event 120 to play – Cycle four, cards guides need toward aggregate at any rate 150 to play

Card Focuses:

– Jokers = 50 (Trump card) – 2s = 20 (Special case) – Aces = 15 points – Ks, Qs, Js, 10s = 10 each and every – 4s, 5s, 6s, 7s, 8s, 9s = five each and every – Dark 3s = – 50 points – Red 3s = – 500 points

Book Focuses:

– Red Book = 500 points – Dark Book = 300 – The player Going Out each and every Round gets 100 extra focuses

Discard Heap Pickup Rules:

Over the span of a turn, a player may potentially pick up 5 cards from the Dispose of Heap rather of illustration two cards from the Draw Heap. So as to pick up the dispose of heap the accompanying criteria should be met:

1. You need two cards in your Grasp/Foot that coordinates the main card in the heap,

two. You have to merge the main card in the Dispose of Heap,

three. You need the normal Least Round Focuses. The main dispose of may potentially give you the Base Round Focuses, yet the staying four can’t be tallied till soon after the Base Round Focuses are practiced.

In the event that a player as of now has a merge or book of a one of a kind Positioned Card and that card is on driving of the Dispose of Heap, they can pick up 5 cards from the Dispose of Heap as reached out as they have 1 card in their current set that coordinates the main card in the heap and that the main card and the coordinating card in their Grasp/Foot are each played. The player’s turn finishes in precisely the same way as different turns, by either disposing of or Going Out. Drawing from the Dispose of Heap can’t continue except if there are at least six cards in the heap.

Successfully, this sounds like a ton to remember, however concentrating Hand and Foot isn’t muddled in any way. I advocate that new players have a training round, precisely where you can quickly find the rules and acknowledge why the game is so well-enjoyed!

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