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Gymnastics Write-up

We all know there are so a lot of unique coaching solutions, coaching applications, and coaching personalities. A lot of gymnastics coaches effectively get their gymnasts stronger, but they do not necessarily incorporate adequate sport certain coaching into their applications. I have noticed gymnasts advantage from the common strength workout routines such as push ups, but when it comes time to carry out specific expertise the gymnast's muscle tissues are not generally ready, accustomed to the sequence of movements for the expertise, or robust adequate in every position necessary to safely total the talent.

Gymnasts truly need to have a selection of coaching to consist of sport certain coaching in addition to common strength conditioning in order to far more closely simulate the expertise in our sport. For instance, a lot of straight arm workout routines such as the front lateral raise, press handstand, or planche drills far more closely simulate gymnastics expertise than bent arm workout routines such as the push up, bench press, or reverse dips.

Right here is one particular straight arm exercising that has helped a lot of gymnasts strengthen their chest, shoulders, and back muscle tissues, becoming stronger in two pretty essential motions. Because the gymnast generally need to be in a position to open and close the shoulder angle throughout expertise on uneven bars, I have incorporated a pretty valuable exercising which incorporates each up and down movements. This one particular ought to enable her understand to effectively transition from one particular arm motion to the subsequent with ease. Image your gymnast performing a glide kip, cast handstand, clear hip handstand. She will have to reverse shoulder movements a number of occasions inside this brief period of time. As soon as you see the shoulder movements important to connect these expertise you will see the motives I had for incorporating two workout routines into one particular drill far more than a decade ago. This exercising really alternates the motions of opening and then closing the shoulder angle.

Lie Down Cast/Kip Drill (Barbell / Toning Bar)

1. Spot your gymnast throughout this exercising. Give her complete directions just before she starts the exercising.

2. Setting Up: Have your gymnast lie on her back among two folded panel mats with her arms above her head. Her head need to stay among the mats, but her hands and wrists ought to go beyond the mats in order to permit the bar to almost touch the floor soon after it is lifted more than head for complete variety of motion.

3. The folded mats need to be a couple of inches greater than your gymnast though she is lying among them for security motives. The bar need to be extended adequate so that every finish can rest on the center of one particular of the mats. The bar will be lifted from and returned to the mats with no touching your gymnast. There ought to be adequate clearance for your gymnast to slide in or out though the bar rests on the mats. While you will be spotting your gymnast, the mats will also enable protect against the bar from touching her. If one particular mat on every side is not higher adequate, please use two folded mats on every side. If the bar is brought down also speedily or falls, it ought to land on the mats, not your gymnast. This is a pretty protected exercising when the coach and gymnast hold security in thoughts.

4. As soon as the mats are set up, spot the bar on the mats and make certain it will not fall among the mats or roll off.

5. Beginning Position: As soon as the mats and bar are in spot, instruct your gymnast to sit among the mats, slide her legs below the bar, and then lie down. She ought to position herself so that the bar is above her hips.

6. As soon as positioned, permit your gymnast to grasp the bar and then straighten her arms. Instruct your gymnast to hold her arms straight, but not to lock them.

7. Be cautious the bar does not shift to an unsafe beginning position.

8. Subsequent, instruct her to lift the bar up toward ceiling and then toward the floor above her head to simulate a cast to handstand motion with her upper physique.

9. Remind your gymnast to continue to hold the bar securely and then permit her to lift the bar off the floor, toward ceiling once more, and then reduce it to the mat above her hips to simulate a kip with her upper physique.

10. Permit your gymnast to continue with a number of repetitions if she is in a position. Inform her that it ought to be a continuous motion when she is comfy.

11. Your gymnast will most likely need to have far more spot lifting the bar from the mat (the initiation phase) which entails the shoulders (deltoids) than she will on the return phase which entails the back (latissimus) muscle tissues. Be ready to spot all phases of this exercising. You can have one particular coach spot every portion. To spot the lift from the mat, kneel on one particular of the mats to enable your gymnast lift off the mat. Kneel close to her head to spot the lift from the floor. Make certain you can attain the bar, in particular when it is above your gymnast's physique.

12. Get started with the lightest bar probable, perhaps even a broomstick to assure right security and kind. As soon as accustomed to this exercising, your gymnast can use weights on a barbell or a toning bar, but it ought to generally rely upon her strength and expertise. If you are working with a bar with no weights, you can wrap a thick towel about every finish to enable protect against your gymnast's knuckles from touching the floor.

The second exercising is far more apparent. This one particular also aids the gymnast with certain gymnastics expertise due to the fact she will be in and out of a handstand. The Planche – Virtual Handstand – Planche Drill is a terrific exercising for physique tightness, manage, upper physique strength, and core strength. This drill is an acceptable exercising for gymnasts on so a lot of levels, such as these anticipated to carry out the cast handstand and clear hip handstand on bars in the close to future.

1. Instruct your gymnast to stand with her back to a spotting block or mat stack, spot her hands on the floor, and then spot one particular foot/ankle on the block. As soon as your gymnast has one particular foot/ankle on the block, she can then spot her other foot/ankle up on the block.

2. Now your gymnast ought to be in an elevated push up position with her feet on the block. Your gymnast's legs, hips, and chest ought to stay off the floor all through this exercising.

3. Now that your gymnast is in the elevated push up position, instruct her to move her hands closer to the spotting block and her shoulders forward in order to kind a slight planche position.

4. As soon as your gymnast is in the planche position with her feet on the block, instruct her to squeeze her buttocks and then to pull her belly button in. You ought to see the reduce portion of your gymnast's back elongate into the appropriate low back position for a handstand (pelvic tilt).

5. Soon after your gymnast has formed the appropriate shape with her reduce physique, instruct her to push down on the floor and pull in her chest simultaneously. The portion of your gymnast's back among her shoulder blades ought to rise toward the ceiling. Your gymnast has just performed a protraction / shoulder shrug in the planche push up position. To enable teach the shoulder shrug touch the portion of your gymnast's back that is among her shoulder blades and ask her to push up on your hand to kind the rounded back.

6. Instruct your gymnast to hold that tight shape all through the rest of the exercising.

7. To get started the exercising, instruct your gymnast to lift one particular of her legs up toward the ceiling, but to hold her other foot/ankle on the block. Your gymnast's physique, with the exception of the foot/ankle nonetheless supported on the block ought to have moved as one particular unit up to the single leg, or virtual, handstand. The leg that is pointed toward the ceiling ought to be the one particular forming the handstand shape along with the upper physique.

8. Your gymnast's shoulders, hips, and one particular ankle ought to be straight above her hands though the other leg remains supported on the block. Inform your gymnast that her hips and shoulders ought to stay square with the block. Her buttocks ought to be below, belly in, hip opened, chest in, and shoulders in a shrug/stretched position. Remaining square and tight is not generally effortless for the gymnast.

9. As soon as your gymnast is in the appropriate single leg, or virtual, handstand position she can commence the return motion by gradually lowering her absolutely free leg back to the block and shifting her shoulders slightly forward so she returns to the planche push up position. Your gymnast's physique ought to move as one particular unit to the beginning position. Instruct your gymnast to hold her head in line with her spine, neither tucked in nor tilted back.

10. Subsequent, instruct your gymnast to return to the single leg, or virtual, handstand position by lifting her absolutely free leg back up above her hips so that she is vertical, with the exception of her supported leg. She need to also open her armpits back up, and square her shoulders and hips with the block. Your gymnast need to bring her shoulders and head into alignment for the appropriate handstand shape once more. Instruct your gymnast to appear at the floor just above her hands for the planche and then at the block for the handstand.

11. As soon as your gymnast understands the motion of the virtual handstand to planche and back to the handstand, ask her to total a couple of repetitions just before stopping if she is in a position.

12. Inform your gymnast not to planche also far forward till she builds strength and becomes pretty comfy so she does not collapse.

13. You need to also inform your gymnast to communicate when she is fatigued so that you can permit her to rest. This exercising puts tremendous stress on your gymnast's wrists. You ought to permit her to rest when she communicates that her wrists are finding tired.

This exercising, when performed appropriately, closely simulates the shoulder motions of the cast handstand and clear hip handstand on uneven bars. You can use a floor bar as extended as the floor bar is steady.

The continuous modify in shoulder angle causes a modify in the demand on your gymnast's upper physique muscle tissues. Your gymnast ought to create strength in a wide variety of positions soon after performing this drill often and regularly more than the course of time.

As you can see, these workout routines are so a great deal unique from push ups due to the fact of the straight arm coaching which so closely simulates gymnastics expertise. Your gymnast's complete upper physique will be challenged with this exercising. If performed often and regularly this drill ought to enable tremendously with all round upper physique strength in addition to certain gymnastics expertise.

While the push up and bench press are terrific workout routines, they do not truly simulate the gymnastics expertise of female gymnasts. Gymnastics expertise need to be simulated in a protected manner in order to train a gymnast's thoughts and physique to carry out gymnastics expertise safely and effectively.

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